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Redesigned Standard Edition
(63 books)

Additions to True Christian Religion
Apocalypse Explained, volume 1
Apocalypse Explained, volume 2
Apocalypse Explained, volume 3
Apocalypse Explained, volume 4
Apocalypse Explained, volume 5
Apocalypse Explained, volume 6
Apocalypse Revealed, volume 1
Apocalypse Revealed, volume 2
Arcana Coelestia, volume 1
Arcana Coelestia, volume 2
Arcana Coelestia, volume 3
Arcana Coelestia, volume 4
Arcana Coelestia, volume 5
Arcana Coelestia, volume 6
Arcana Coelestia, volume 7
Arcana Coelestia, volume 8
Arcana Coelestia, volume 9
Arcana Coelestia, volume 10
Arcana Coelestia, volume 11
Arcana Coelestia, volume 12
Argument Concerning the Judgment
The Athanasian Creed
Autobiographical Letters of Emanuel Swedenborg
A Brief Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church
Canons of the New Church
Conjugial Love
Consummation of the Age, the Lord’s Second Coming, and the New Church
Continuation on Last Judgment / Continuation on the Spiritual World
Coronis or Appendix to True Christian Religion
Divine Love and Wisdom
Divine Love and Divine Wisdom
Divine Providence
Earths in the Universe
Doctrine of Faith
Four Doctrines
Heaven and Hell
Sketch of Ecclesiastical History of the New Church
Doctrine of Holy Scripture
Indexes to the “Missing Treatise” Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage
Interaction of the Soul and Body
Invitation to the New Church
Last Judgement
Last Judgment (Posthumous)
Doctrine of Life
Marriage [De Conjugio]
Collected Minor Works
Miscellaneous Theological Works
New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine
Nine Questions
Posthumous Theological Works, volume 1
Posthumous Theological Works, volume 2
Precepts of the Decalogue
Scripture Confirmations of the New Church Doctrine [Dicta Probantia]
Sketch of the Coronis, or Appendix, to True Christian Religion
Summaries of the Internal Sense of the Prophetical Books, the Psalms, and Historical Parts of the Word
Doctrine of the Lord
Concerning the Lord and Concerning the Holy Spirit
True Christian Religion, volume 1
True Christian Religion, volume 2
The White Horse (including: Appendix to the Treatise on the White Horse)
Concerning the Sacred Scripture or the Word of the Lord from Experience [De Verbo]


Free Popular E-Books
(9 books)

Ten Commandments
Love in Marriage
Our Life after Death
A Swedenborg Sampler
A Thoughtful Soul
The Lives of Angels

New Century Edition
(15 books)

The Shorter Works of 1758: New Century Edition
Divine Love and Wisdom: New Century Edition
Divine Providence: The New Century Edition
Heaven and Hell: New Century Edition
Last Judgment / Supplements: New Century Edition
Life / Faith: New Century Edition
New Jerusalem: New Century Edition
Other Planets: New Century Edition
Sacred Scripture / White Horse: New Century Edition
Scribe of Heaven
Secrets of Heaven Vol. 1: New Century Edition
Secrets of Heaven Vol. 2: New Century Edition
The Lord: New Century Edition
True Christianity Vol. 1: New Century Edition
True Christianity Vol. 2: New Century Edition